Bach Flower Remedies

The Bach Flower Remedies are a wonderful support in today's busy, hectic world. They are designed to help us move through and release our emotions quickly and smoothly, once we have become aware of them. That way, our feelings and frustrations don't get "stuck" in our system. Releasing our emotions easily and swiftly prevents them from causing discomfort, loss of energy, and dis-ease in the physical body.

The 38 essences are a system developed by the English physician Dr Bach early in the last century. They are derived from plants & minerals, and each resonates with a particular emotional state. Ingesting that essence or absorbing it through our skin helps us re-balance that particular emotional state. The beauty of this system is that is also very effective for healing things that happened a long time ago, and that we are still carrying with us.

Consultations are available in English, German and Dutch. During a consultation, we take a look at what you would like to work on and which remedies would help you most, and from there we have two options: I can either create a remedy mix for you and send it to you via post, or alternatively I can recommend the remedies that will resonate with your situation and you can purchase them yourself to make your own mix. Consultations take about 30 minutes and are done via phone, Skype or Zoom. The cost is CHF 65 / EUR 55 for the consultation, and an additional CHF 15 / EUR 12,50 for sending a remedy mix to you via post.

Contact me via the form below to book a consultation, and experience how these beautiful remedies can help you achieve more balance and joy in your life!

"Treat the cause, not the effect."
― Dr Edward Bach