"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."
― Carl Jung

Past Life Regression & Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Oftentimes, we are not consciously aware of what is holding us back from reaching certain goals, why we are faced with a particular dis-ease, or what causes us to run into similar (and usually challenging) circumstances again and again. The information we are looking for is simply "invisible" to our rational thinking brain. Through decades of insightful regression work, we now know that many of the answers are stored safely in our subconscious, from where we have access to a much deeper knowing. A great way to unlock this information is through Past Life Regression or Quantum Healing Hypnosis.

During a session, you may experience one or more "lives" and discover deep and profound connections to your current life situation. From there, we can make a connection to your Higher Self, so we can ask for answers and appropriate healing for whatever issues you are facing in this lifetime. In order for a session to be effective, it is not necessary that you believe in reincarnation. It is enough that you come with an open mind to what shows up as your subjective reality during the session.

Some clients choose these healing modalities because they have emotional issues or relationship difficulties they would like to understand more about. Others are looking for help with healing a physical issue or dis-ease. No matter what questions you have, Past Life Regression & Quantum Healing Hypnosis are beautiful processes which can lead to profound insights and healing.

Sessions are available in English and German, both in-person and online

  • Compact sessions, in which we focus on one particular goal or specific question, take 1,5 to 2 hours. The cost is EUR 190 / CHF 220

  • Full sessions give us time to explore several "lives" and work with the Higher Self for healing. They take 3,5 to 4 hours and the cost is EUR 380 / CHF 440

You will receive a recording after your session that you can re-listen to anytime. Clients often report that periodically re-listening helps them discover further insights and deepen or continue any healing that took place during the session.

Curious? Download a free guided meditation to experience being guided into a more relaxed state, which is the foundation of every Past Life Regression & Quantum Healing Hypnosis session. Contact me to book a session via the form below. I look forward to working with you!