A profound experience - gained clarity, healing, and found my true self - "I want to thank you, Jackie, from the bottom of my heart for such a great session and for such a profound experience! When I was on YouTube watching QHHT sessions, I was so eager to find a practitioner near me. I ended up finding Jackie after my meditation. From start to finish, I felt such a loving energy from Jackie. At first, she took the time to get to know me and noted down my personal history and all of my questions. Then, with her calm and soothing voice, I went into the deep meditative state - Subconscious. After adventuring into 3 different past lives, my Higher Self came through to answer all of my questions, such as my career path, heal my physical problems, as well as get rid of the fears I have. After the session, I felt so much love, hope and clarity. To maintain this profound healing and awakening. I've been listening to the recording from my session daily. Now I live a more energetic and happier life. My family and friends also see the changes in me. I highly recommend Jackie to anyone seeking a deeper connection to their Higher Self and to all those seeking a Practitioner that will help take them deeper to uncover their personal truth and path forward."

Christina, March 2019 (Quantum Healing Hypnosis)

Amazing session
- "My BQH session with Jackie was a rewarding experience. In the beginning I was very nervous because I never had an online session before. She calmed me down with the help of a short meditation and very soon I felt comfortable and relaxed. During the session Jackie lead me through several lives and experiences and thanks to her soothing voice I was able to connect with my over soul and my spirit guide. When my mind had taken over once, she brought me back to a deep, relaxed condition. Even after a short break Jackie had made me relax once more and I was able to go into a deep meditative state again. Thanks to the recording it is possible for me to get back into a deep meditational state while listening and every time I discover something new that I had almost forgotten or even hadn't realised during the session. Jackie, thank you very much for your affectionate guidance through that experience! Lots of love to Switzerland!"

Vera, December 2018 (Quantum Healing Hypnosis)

A highly valuable journey
- "From the start to finish, I felt totally at ease with Jackie. She has a very calm energy and answered my questions in a confident and reassuring way, which allowed me to let go and totally trust in the process. We spent some time talking about some of my past experiences which I found very therapeutic and revealing in itself alone. Then, onto the hypnosis... I found myself easily relaxed and absorbed with Jackie's soothing and rhythmic voice. Listening back on the tape, I was touched by how soft and gentle she spoke to me, which obviously helped me to access a different part of my consciousness. I went quite deeply and felt in touch with very old and very young parts of myself. Although there were moments where my conscious mind tried to jump in, I felt comfortable sharing this and Jackie normalised this and gently steered me back to a place where my thinking mind stepped aside so I could gain important information from a wiser part of my self. The information and guidance I received has been invaluable, not only in itself, but I also gained a sense of an overall higher perspective which I can still remember and this helps me to let go of stress and worry and live in the present more. Jackie undoubtedly has a gift for this and I highly recommend her as as a skilled, trustworthy practitioner with only your very best interest at heart. Thank you so much Jackie!"

Hannah, May 2018 (Quantum Healing Hypnosis)

"I enjoyed the practical session (even my expressions on the photos). I find it amazing to see how we do work together as a team, a good test of our personalities! The feedback that you provide is really valuable as an outside person looking into our team. I like the breathing techniques as I truly believe these can help in moments where you can easily become anxious or make wrong decisions. Overall you have a very calming influence on your audience, you managed the team well and had their full attention at all times, which is challenging in our environment!"

Tony, October 2017 (Teamcoaching)